Introduce Factory tour responsibility
    In ningbo tongqian bridge food development co., LTD., we believe that it is necessary for a sustainable development operator to target the future development of the company. That is why we have a core part of our business approach. The enterprise spirit of ningbo tongqian bridge food is a framework for creating sustainable development for society, economy and environment, which is consistent with our purpose and values.

     Ningbo copper bridge food development co., LTD. Regard the staff as enterprise's precious wealth, care, respect, understanding, trust, and employee development, team cohesion, together toward a common goal. The company pursues a positive corporate culture, and CARES about the skills and health of employees.

  We will always adhere to standardized management, keep in mind that we are manufacturing products is also in creating value for customers, we will with more complete market network service system, customers can enjoy our quality no matter when and where, punctual, satisfied with the pre-market after-sales service.