Introduce Factory tour responsibility
    Ningbo copper bridge food development co., LTD. Is a 20 years history of food and food industry co., LTD. Ningbo copper bridge in imitate innovation thrives, the spirit of enterprise, has invested 150 million yuan in March 2003 the establishment of a tomato products and fruit and vegetable beverage processing manufacturing as main business, tomato cultivation, production, processing, trade, scientific research and development for the integration of food manufacturing enterprises.

    Company has the scale of production of 1500 t/d modern concentrated tomato paste production line, 800 cans per minute canned tomato paste automatic production line, production line for tomato sauce, fruit and vegetable juice beverage production line, annual output of 3.5 billion sets of three cans of tinplate cans production lines and state-level pollution-free green vegetable farm of 8000 acres, production equipment advanced, technical force is abundant. Product varieties have aseptic cold filling barrel canned tomato sauce, tomato sauce, tomato sauce, whole peeled tomatoes, canned tomatoes and small specifications processed tomato sauce and other products nearly 30 varieties. The products cover more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the country and exported to Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Middle East, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

    Enterprises have been HACCP food safety management system certification, GB/T22000-2006 / ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification, the national green food certification, food quality and safety market access for approval and certification of Islam, and adopted the national sanitary registration of food export production enterprises. "Tongqian bridge" has been awarded as "China's famous trademark" 34 products to be registered at home and abroad, and 64 patented technologies are protected by the state. It is the only production enterprise in south China that is controlled from field to deep processing.

    More than 20 years of innovation and development, make "copper bridge" precipitate a unique corporate culture, to enhance the enterprise comprehensive strength, improve the core competitiveness, in an effort to build China's green food excellent brand and vision for the creation of Chinese famous brand laid a solid foundation. The company adhere to the scientific development concept, to "green, nutrition, health" new ideas, committed to improve the "green food" brand competitiveness, is committed to promoting the deep development of "red industry", the local farmers, for the development of our country agricultural product processing industry and make unremitting efforts.