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  The company adheres to the scientific concept of development and devotes itself to promoting the brand competitiveness of "green food" with the brand-new concept of "green, nutrition and health", committing itself to the further development of "red industry", driving farmers to get rich and developing agricultural products in China Industry and make unremitting efforts.

 Company Profile

  Ningbo Copper Qianqiao Foodstuffs Development Co., Ltd. is in line with the spirit of innovation, endless entrepreneurial spirit, in March 2003 has invested 150 million yuan to set up a deep processing of tomato products and fruit and vegetable drinks manufacturing as the main business, set tomato cultivation, Production, processing, trade, scientific research and development as one of the food manufacturing and processing enterprises.

 Factory tour

  The company has a modern production line of concentrated tomato paste, tomato paste canned automatic production line, tomato sauce production line, fruit and vegetable juice beverage production line, with an annual output of 3.5 billion tinplate cans of three production lines and green pollution-free state-owned self- , Advanced production equipment, strong technical force.

Company culture

  Over the past 20 years of innovation and development, the "Copperbridge" has precipitated a unique corporate culture, enhanced its overall strength and enhanced its core competitiveness, laying a solid foundation for its long-term goal of building an excellent brand of Chinese green food and establishing a Chinese famous brand. Foundation.